Writer’s block is a thing of the past. Provide a few keywords and highlights, and CopyCrab will turn them into engaging, SEO-friendly product descriptions. Save time and money without compromising quality.

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Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of writing product descriptions from scratch.
Minimum effort
You provide a few keywords and highlights. We turn them into a compelling description.
Maximum control
Tweak the inputs and regenerate the description until you like it.
Instant results
Lightly edit the output to perfection, then publish with a single click.

bulk processing.

Process products quickly in bulk, wherever you are.
Bulk processing
Select multiple products to process, then work efficiently through them together.
Works great on mobile
With our responsive design, generating new descriptions while on the go is a pleasure.
Auto-saves progress
Select products, process some and then return later—your progress will be persisted.

Simple pricing

Significantly cheaper than hiring help, but way faster than manual writing.
Transparent credit packages
Pay per product for clear, understandable costs. No need for another subscription.
Optional unlimited subscription
Have predictable costs and never care about credits again.
5 products
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…all of your products.
Unlimited plan
Monthly subscription

Never care about credits again

Predictable monthly costs

Easier accounting